Adventures in Big Babe Land

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Anonymous asked: Hi liza, in response to the previous comment posted I really think you look better than ever in my opinion :) Do you feel the same way?

I appreciate your opinion. I think I look good. However, this is probably the heaviest I’ve been and it can sometimes be a surprise to me how much bigger I am when it comes to purchasing new items of clothing. Im just not use to it. And to be frank , I don’t want to get use to it. Im trying to live a healthy lifestyle and everyday I do my best to make an effort in that direction. It probably doesn’t seem that way from my weight gain. But I’m currently trying to be more disciplined in my efforts. :-)

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Anonymous asked: Now that you have a boyfriend you have gotten a lot chubbier. Is this true?

Yes it’s true. I gained back all the weight I lost plus a little more.